Mother and Daughter Working Together As Nurses: ‘I Have Someone That Really Gets It’

May 10, 2020

Like mother, like daughter. They are both saving lives.

Good Morning America reported that a daughter and her mother, who are both nurses in the same hospital, are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic together on the front lines.

Cindy Pascalo, the 60-year-old, has been working as a registered nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for 39 years. Her daughter, Jessica DeBrocke, looked up to her mother as a child and knew that she wanted to get in the medical field.

DeBrocke said her mother joked with her that she should be a nurse because she will always have job security.

“But it was always really exciting to see how excited she was when she came home and tell stories about great things that happened,” DeBrocke said.

Growing up and figuring out a career path, DeBrocke instantly took her mother’s advice. In 2010, she became an RN at the same hospital her mother worked at.

However, the mother-daughter duo usually does not cross paths at work. Pascalo works as a code nurse in the medical intensive care unit, while her daughter works as a heart failure coordinator.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, nurses have been asked to help on the front lines in the ICU. The mother and daughter work together daily.

DeBrocke explained how it is super helpful to have someone by your side that understands your job. She said it has been beneficial to have her mother that gets it and has even benefitted her mental health.

The mother said working alongside her daughter has helped her through this difficult time.

The dynamic duo has also said that the pandemic has brought them closer, and they have learned new things about each other.

When working together, both always tell their patients that they’re mother and daughter.

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