Russell Wilson and Ciara Welcome New Baby Win Harrison Wilson

8 lbs 1 oz

July 24, 2020

Congratulations to Ciara and Russell Wilson as they welcome their new baby into the world, Win Harrison Wilson. 

Ciara took to Twitter this morning to announce the birth of her baby and sweetly sing happy birthday to her newborn. Ciara, still in the delivery room, with a mask on is filled with joy as she holds the new baby close to her.

The singer sweetly coos, “happy birthday sunshine,” as the video shows mother and child safe and healthy post-delivery.

In her Tweet, Ciara jubilantly shares, “Happy Birthday WIN!!! Mommy & Daddy Love You! Win Harrison Wilson 7.23.2020 8lbs 1 oz.”

The Leo baby arrived on July 23 and will be Ciara and Wilson’s third child.

In previous videos that Russell and Ciara have shared, we have seen their two-year-old daughter Sienna and their five-year-old son, Future Jr. discover the gender of their new baby sibling. Future Jr. makes it very clear that he wishes for a baby brother.

We wish happiness and love for baby Win and his loving family.

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