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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Traveling Together 9/20 (Audio)

Louis and Natalie are planning a trip to Australia, but they ran into a problem. Natalie is a little scared of flying and wants to take separate flights to make sure that IF something were to happen, their kids would have at least one parent coming home. Louis doesn’t think it’s anything to be that... Read More

BJ and Jamie - Ticketmaster Working With Scalpers 9/20 (Audio)

Two journalist from the CBC went undercover and busted Ticketmaster breaking their own rules! A report came out on Wednesday September 19th that says the company developed software to help scalpers sell tickets they have acquired. According to NPR "In footage obtained by the journalists, a man... Read More

BJ and Jamie - Fake Bear Attack 9/20 (Audio)

According to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, officers responded to a reported bear attack on a woman hiking with her dog at Golden Gate Canyon State Park Wednesday afternoon at 1:20 p.m. after being alerted by Gilpin County officials. The woman was transported to Saint Anthony... Read More

Slacker and Steve - Fell For It 9/19 (Audio)

There is so much health advice out there that contradicts other advice and a lot of fad diets that people keep falling for, like the juice diet. No thank you. The keto diet is the most popular right now, but it doesn’t seem that safe. When have you fallen for a health craze? Read More

Slacker and Steve - Found It and Kept It 9/19 (Audio)

We can’t say that we would do the same thing. A 16 year old found a purse in the middle of the road with $10,000 in cash inside and returned it to its owner. The owner gave the teen $100 as a reward for doing the right thing. What’s the coolest thing you’ve found? Read More