BJ & Jaime: The Ellen Degenerates Show in Europe

March 27, 2017

A Polish man finally makes his dream come true. Per Irish News, Polish YouTuber has made his dream to get on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a reality by building its set from scratch, hiring an Ellen impersonator and filming the whole thing for his channel.

In a bizarre video, he can be seen telling his mum he’s been “invited” to the show, his “journey” to LA and then a 15-minute interview with the lookalike, complete with an audience, stupid dancing and a perfectly recreated backdrop.

The whole thing is really meta – he and his Ellen talk about how he’d mocked up The Ellen DeGeneres Show to get there, and they speak to a fake Ellen he said he used for that video who’s in the audience, also played by his impersonator.

Lucas Jacobiak, who describes himself as a motivational speaker, uploaded another video showing the set being built, him telling his mum it was actually all a joke, and even dying the impersonator’s hair that trademark Ellen blonde.

Maybe this will start a trend of people creating fake reality shows featuring their favorite celebrity.

For more info check out The Irish News web link:

Polish Ellen