BJ & Jaime: Fake Reality TV

March 17, 2017

BJ & Jaime reveals how fake reality shows are. The purpose of reality shows is origniallly to portray the story as real life TV; however, a light has shined in the dark. The fakeness includes fake accents & homes. The show is alos run on a script so it is more so acting rather than instant spur of the moment action. It was also reported that the actors who partake of the show end up in serious debt due to buying expensive clothing because the shows don't provide the clothes for them. What makes this worst is that most of these shows are filmed in LA where the cost fo everythign is high. If they don't have the money they have to take out loans, use money from their 401k, etc. To make the long story short, if there are any of you who plan on being on Reality TV someday, make sure you're a good actor who has a lot of money to spend.

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