BJ & Jaime: Obama's Birth Certificate

March 10, 2017

It seems as if 44 will never get a break. First The Republicans accused him of not being an American Citizen, and now his brother has violated The Obama Clan Code of Ethics (OCCE). According to Article 1 Section 1 Part A of The OCCE, it isstated that "What is in House, Must Stay Inside." The statement basically means that family matters must be kept within the Obama Clan. 44's Half-Brother, Malik Obama posted images of Obama's Kenya birth certificate while pledging support for Trump at the same time. One should wonder, why did Malik wait until 44 is no longer president to post such? Also, what Obama's birthright have to do with the major economic issues that Americans deal with on a day-to-day basis. If you're a rich person with leisure time at your hands, this is a must read, but if you're a hard worker living check-to-check, you might just shrug your shoulders and go about your business. Anyways, listen to what BJ and Jaime has to say about this trending news and check out the article about from Daily Mail below.

Written by A.W. Wulah @akwumedia (twitter)