BJ & Jamie: Mayor Hancock calls in to talk Football, but talks about so much more! 9/8 (AUDIO)

September 8, 2016

This morning Denver's Mayor Hancock called into the show to talk to Bj and Jamie about the amazing NFL events that is taking place in our awesome city today! But Jamie asked the Mayor if he would say "I'm Sorry" for her to one of his friends. They went on a date and Jamie may have gotten out of control on the date and a bra may have even come off. Mayor Hancock said he would do his best. 

Mayor Hancock calls to talk Football! 9/8

Denver's Mayor Hancock called in this morning to talk about the NFL Kickoff celebration that is taking place here in Denver today. But instead Jamie talked to him about the date she went on with his friend. She asked the Mayor if he would say sorry for her.