BJ and Jamie: Crummy Mummy, Grandma Falling In a Hole, and Burning Ants

June 9, 2017

Kid's who love to burn ants. Were you the ant burner or the ant lover? Tom Cruise new Mummy movie is not so good. According to some the movie is an "unholy mess".Texting grandma falls down a sidewalk door. There is shocking footage that shows a woman falling head first into an open sidewalk door in New Jersey while she was texting on her phone.


Watch videos here:

Kids Burning Ants

Falling Grandma

Mummy Tom Cruise

BJ and Jamie: Crummy Mummy_Falling Granny_Burning ants 06/09

The new Mummy movie with Tom Cruise is not good according to Sean. Some countries are banning Wonder Woman. 67 year old woman was texting and fell into the sidewalk doors.