BJ & Jaime: Drone Flying Over BJ's House

March 10, 2017

As BJ was relaxing in the confines of his home, he happend to hear a little buzzing noise. He went outside and found a drone flying around his house. It is very mysterious as in why the drone went to spy on him. Ever since childhood, he's always had a clean record and always stayed out of trouble. He was born and raised in the state of Tennessee so he's not an illegal immigrant. The question is what could BJ have done to have a drone spy on him while he's at home? One caller suggested he use a Supersoaker to take the drone down, but drones fly too high for such to reach. Some suggested that he call the police but such action would make him a snitch. With no solutions to this current problem, can YOU help a brother out?

---Written by: A.W. Wulah

@akwumedia (Twitter)