BJ & Jamie: Chainsmokers cheater 1/24 (Audio)

January 24, 2018

One of the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall, got caught cheating!!! He had a secrurity camera on his front porch that can link to an app on the owners phone. Pall's girlfriend had the camera system linked to her phone and found a picture of him making out with another woman!!! 

BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 630 1/24

THIS IS US!!! How will jack die?? Jamie thinks it’s in a house fire. Elton john is going to retired. 50 cent is a bitcoin mogul. Chain smokers scandal!! GF caught one of the Chain Smokers making out with another girl on security footage from the front door of his house. Megyn Kelly was called a bitch on the view by Joy Behar. Don’t eat food if it falls into your cleavage.