BJ & Jamie: Huge Announcement 10/13 (AUDIO)

October 12, 2016

BJ, Jamie-sort-of-kinda-not-really, and Sean are fired up to support #ClownLivesMatter.  Are in you in to support the struggle clown community? 

With all the negative news about Clowns and the upcoming #ClownLivesMatter march in Tucson this weekend, Bj and Sean want to do something that will remind everyone that Clowns are fun. We will have some help from Reinke Bros costume shop for the suits and some clowns for the Colorado Clown Alley school to help with make-up

Clowns all over the nation will be in Tuscon Arizona this weekend for a #ClownLivesMatter march trying to unite all clowns and show they are not creepy and scary but happy and fun.

Read all about #ClownLivesMatter HERE