BJ & Jamie: Jay Z Has 99 Problems (Audio)

A Woman Is One Of Them

April 25, 2016

Beyonce released a new album over the weekend titled Lemonade. She has a song on the album called "Sorry" that is supposedly about an affair Jay Z had with whoever "Becky with the good hair" is. Well the internet quickly put two and two together and figured out that Rachel Roy is Becky! Shortly after the album was released Roy posted a photo on instagram saying "good hair don't care" sending the internet into an uproar.

Daily Beast

The designer’s Wikipedia page came under attack, and the comments on her Instagram post turned into such a bee-emoji-crowded frenzy, she locked her account down. Roy did post a comment on Twitter obliquely calling out the Beyhive for online bullying.

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BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 7:30 4/25

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