BJ & Jamie: Joy International and Barefoot Mile! 6/8 (AUDIO)

June 8, 2017

Facebook: Joy International

JOY International is proud to announce the 3rd Annual Colorado Barefoot Mile, Saturday, June 10th at Clement Park! Check-in opens at 5pm,the walk will commence at 5:30 with a barbeque and family fun time after the walk!

Meet Dr. Jeff Brodsky, Founder and President of JOY International who has been totally barefoot for almost 7 years in solidarity with trafficked children. JOY International has been responsible for the rescue of thousands of trafficked children around the world. Please join us to raise awareness and funds to fight this tragedy against children.

ALL ages welcome at the Barefoot Mile Donations are tax-deductible.

Go To JOY.ORG/Events to register for this event or donate HERE!

Check out Joy International's Facebook page HERE