BJ & Jamie: Man Fatally Stabbed By Girlfriend (Audio)

June 21, 2016


A man from the Bronx was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend after the two got into a fight over a Facebook password.    The girlfriend has been taken into custody and charges against her are pending.

BJ & Jamie - Tabloid Trash 8:30 6/21

Willie Nelson is hiring for his Colorado pot shop.  Judege ruled that the class action suit against Starbucks can go forward.  Demi Lavato quit social media.  NBA Finals drew in 31 million viewers.  Lebron's son is only 11 and already has to basketball scholarship offers, one from Kentucky, and one from Duke.  chip and Joanne Gaines had 2 goats shot.  Olympics now allow transgender men that changed to women to compete against other women.  Clinical trials of a new drug that reverses Alzheimer's will start.  Scientist discovered a "chatty gene" in people, and think that may help with Autism research.  20 year old man tried to steal a cop's gun in vegas and kill Trump.  Michael Jackson's underage sex addiction was brought back into the spotlight with the release of the 2003 police report detailing that the search uncovered photos of underage kids from the 1800's.  Tom Hiddleston posed for W Magazine.  Selma Blair was carted off an airplane on a stretcher.  A New York Man was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend all over his Facebook password.