BJ & Jamie: A Miraculous act of God!! Girl, sitting in barber shop, missed flying bullets in drive-by shooting. 4/11 (AUDIO)

April 13, 2017

4 yr old, sitting in barber shop, could have been victim of drive-by shooting, but God was on her side!!

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Bj& Jamie: Tabloid Trash_630 Shia Labeouf is living alone in cabin, Charlie Murphy dies at 57 4/11 (AUDIO)

 Little girl in Az missed bullets sitting in barber shop, in drive by shooting. Shia Labeouf moved to remote cabin in Finland at part of art project. #Alonetogether is the name of the project. Bj says that’s good…doesn’t really like him at all. United has refunded all passengers that was on flight 3411 involved in the witnessing the man being dragged off the plane. RHWB, Kim Richards claims she dated Donald Trump.  Miley Cyrus nude pics leaked. Charlie Murphy dies at 57 to Leukemia. MTV revived fear factor! Ludacris will be hosting the show.