BJ & Jamie: Toy Truck Trouble for Christmas. 11/21

November 21, 2016

Toys 'R' Us announces it will stop selling the Tonka Ride-On Dump Truck after the toy truck caught fire Friday night. Delmond Harden and wife Roxsane of Bellingham, Washington purchased the toy for their grandson. On the way home from their local Toys 'R' Us store, the Tonka 12V Ride-on Dump Truck caught fire in the back of their Ford Ranger pickup truck Friday evening.  The couple pulled over when they saw smoke and flames coming from the bed of their pickup truck. “I said: ‘We’ve got to pull over. We’ve got to get out of this truck,’” Roxsane Harden said. “So we pulled over. Flames start shooting.” Delmond Harden says officers told him the flames appeared to be fifteen to twenty feet high. He says he was pretty shocked. “So they told me to get whatever I needed out of the car, like my purse,” said Roxsane Harden. “So I’m in the back grabbing my purse and stuff and as I’m leaning over, I hear, ’Pop!’ and all this glass shattered in front of me. And then there was smoke and dust inside.”


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