BJ & Jamie: Woman in trouble for selling Ceviche on Facebook. 11/7 (AUDIO)

November 7, 2016

A woman in Sacramento Cali is arrested for selling homemade foods on Facebook. The authorities are saying she could get up 1 year in jail. She is taking it to trial to try and beat the charges.   

Mariza Reulas was cited by San Joaquin County, CA, officials for selling an illegal substance. The substance in question was homemade ceviche, a dish typically made from raw fish which has been cured in citrus juices.

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Jail time for facebook food 11/7

California woman arrested for selling homemade food. Her Ceviche was widely popular amongst a social media group and was selling to the people on the social media page and was busted for it. Could have taken a plea with 3 years’ probation but is fighting and going to court.