Exclusive: Who's the "BITCH"? Lennon Stella Explains and Details Her Upcoming Album

The 'Nashville' star sets her sights on her debut LP

March 29, 2019

"It takes a bitch to know a bitch" Lennon Stella sings on her first new single of 2019.

The 19-year-old Nashville star is starting off the year with a defiant tone, making it clear she's not hearing your insults without an answer. On "BITCH" the Canadian singer stands ready to retort, and in our exclusive interview above Stella revealed the inspiration behind her clap back banger.

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"This is the first song I wrote that wasn't specifically about a story that's happened to me or something I've gone through myself" explains Stella. The idea sprung from the mind of friend and co-writer Erin McCarley, and was bounced around and flipped from an attack into a relationship moment, painting the picture and unpacking that loaded word. "Yeah, just kind of the idea of standing up for yourself and just not really taking it and saying it back to him."

After years of wowing the people watching Nashville, Lennon Stella has packed 2019 with a busy itinerary of new friends and big shows as her music career grows. In addition to her solo tour happening now, Stella is scheduled for treks with Ann Marie, The Chainsmokers, and 5 Seconds Of Summer. It is all is in the works before she has had the chance to release her debut album, a process that is still on-going. 

"I still feel like I have stuff to get out of my system before I wanna make the album" says Stella. "I just want to be honest and just the things I've felt, the things that I've gone through. That's something that I want to just continue being and writing about. Literally just how I feel. I think cool concepts come out of feelings."

"BITCH" is out now everywhere.