Producer Sean Blogs

Producer-Sean helps raise over $26,000 for MS.

Denver, CO – June 26, 2016 – 99.5 The Mountain’s, Cathy Taylor, and Alice 105.9’s, Sean Swallow--known as Producer Sean from the BJ and Jamie Morning Show, proudly participated in the 2016 Bike MS fundraising ride Saturday, June 25, 2016 through Sunday, June 26, 2016. This intense two-day,... Read More

Kanye needs our help....

Kanye... the self proclaimend musical master is in need of some cash. He does not want to fund his own projects so he is looking for backers, and his fans are doing their part to help. A GoFundMe page has been set up for him to try and raise the money. If you want to help out visit Kanye's page... Read More

Goddess Duane on a mission to get a waist!

Hey there! My name is Duane and although I feel hesitant to do this. I was told to follow my own advice and have faith. Ya see... I have lost 160 pounds and have about another 100 to lose. It sucks losing a whole adult and still being fat. But, it is what it is. I am not one to ask for help and... Read More

Woman Hit In The Face By Fish

A vlogger was reporting in South Wales during Storm Gertrude when she got smashed in the face by a fish. The fish apparently flew out of the ocean when a big wave crashed on shore. When you're trying to vlog in a storm and get hit by a fish — Daily... Read More

World's Hardest Puzzle

Over 30,000 people have submitted an answer to the British Intelligence Agency after they put out a cryptographic puzzle around christmas time. We tried to figure out and couldn't even tell where to start. Click Here To Read More Read More

Premature Patriots SB50 Tattoo

A New England Patriots fans celebrated a little too early when he got a tattoo declaring the Patriots Super Bowl 50 win, but we all know OUR DENVER BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! He should move to whatever African country gets this years premade loser's shirts, so he can fit in. He should've... Read More

Dooms Day clock has moved!!! Be worried!

Rising tension between Russia and the U.S., North Korea's recent nuclear test and a lack of aggressive steps to address climate change are putting the world under grave threat, scientists behind a “Doomsday Clock" that measures the likelihood of a global cataclysm said Tuesday. The Bulletin of the... Read More

Chipotle is closing all Restaurants for one day!

DON'T PANIC!!! Deep breath, everyone. OK. Here it goes: Chipotle will be closing all its restaurants for one day. That means for a few hours on this one day, you will not have access to Chipotle. You're panicking, aren't you? Put your head between your legs and breathe deeply. Now everyone is... Read More