Goddess Duane on a mission to get a waist!

February 16, 2016
Hey there! My name is Duane and although I feel hesitant to do this. I was told to follow my own advice and have faith. Ya see... I have lost 160 pounds and have about another 100 to lose. It sucks losing a whole adult and still being fat. But, it is what it is. I am not one to ask for help and that is one of the reasons I reached the weight of 475 pounds. I ate my heartache. I ate my frustrations. I ate my faialures and success's. I ate as my coping skill. 30,000 dollars is a daunting amount and I wish I didn't need it. But, I do. I have started school to become a Personal Trainer and a Life and Health and Fitness Coach. I am also trying to save to move to be near my son when he moves out of state next month.

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