Newsreader is Too Focused on Storm Jonas Weather Report to Wipe Her Nose!

January 25, 2016

No matter how hard this newsreader tried to blink alluringly and smile at the camera, viewers just couldn't be distracted from her heavily running nose.

Alexandra Koehn, a reporter at Nashville-based News Channel 5 was reporting on the storms blasting the US. As snot streamed from her nose, the brunette beauty said, 'As these temperatures drop here, they are worried about the slush freezing up'.

The video has attracted much attention on social media and has been shared and liked on Twitter thousands of times. One comment said, 'A salty treat for later? Smart lady' while others simply say, 'Ewww!' Another jokes, 'Surely Kleenex will see the PR opportunity and send you a winter's supply?'

The newsreader has responded to the comments, saying, 'People are cruel. I guess that's a part of the biz. I did 8 liveshots in a snow storm, and was working really hard!!!'

Others have been supportive, saying, 'People on the internet have collective humor of 5 year olds. Keep your chin up!' Another one said, 'Not many can get away with that. At least you are hot even with a runny nose. #HatersGonnaHate.'