Radio Gets Personal, Listeners Feel Connected #radioworks

July 7, 2016

Radio reaches listeners on a very personal level every day and listeners connect with their favorite DJ's. Recently, Ruth Gaviria, Entercom’s Chief Marketing Officer met a listener that proved this point and shared her story with The Radio Advertising Bureau (or RAB).  #radioworks

From the story Ruth shared with the RAB

"As I round off my fourth month as Chief Marketing Officer of Entercom, I hear stories from our listeners, DJs, and program directors all across the country about the unique role radio plays in people's lives. I want to share one of those stories with you.

On the road in March for an Entercom sales training seminar in Seattle, Weezie Kramer, Entercom's Chief Operating Officer extraordinaire, was able to squeeze in an appointment with a young local hairstylist named Aidan. Weezie and Aidan quickly moved past the usual small talk and found they connected on a much more personal level. Turns out, Aidan was an avid listener of 107.7 The End, Seattle's alternative rock station operated by our very own Entercom.

Aidan spoke of the deep connection she felt to a particular morning host, Gregr, and how big of a role The End had played in her life.​"

[ via RAB ]

See the full article and watch as Aidan enthusiastically shares her story.