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Sam Hill: ICYMI- Sheeran and Chappelle Jammin' Out and More!

September 26, 2017

Hey friends! Hope you're having a lovely day so far. 

Today on the show I chatted about a vid featuring Ed Sheeran and Dave Chappelle doing a cover of Radiohead's "Creep." I only have ONE thing to say about this vid- it looks like a goooooood time was had by all. (Update: that particular video has been taken down- so I've replaced it with this vid- to be honest, it's better)

One Florida EMT learned the hard way that it's not appropriate to take selfies w/ incapacitated patients in the back of an ambulance. He evidently was participating in a "selfie war" with a co-worker. Yes, he got caught and he's getting a pretty stiff punishment. Read the story HERE

What do you think the Top 10 global brands are? Well, you can probably guess that many of them are tech brands... see if you guessed which one hit number one and then read up HERE

In my "Only in Colorado" category today (well, yesterday technically) is the woman who left work only to discover her car's bumper had been scratched. There was a note left, along with some cash and get this... half a blunt! Read the story from our friends at 9news HERE

And finally... if you're getting a flu shot this year, remember to smile as you're getting jabbed. I'm hearing this could help make the shot more effective. Not even kidding. HERE'S the findings. 

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!