Sam Hill: $200 Beer, Whole Lotta Woman and Behind-The-Scenes w/ Taylor Swift

November 1, 2017

I hope your Halloween celebrations were fun but it's time to say Happy November friends! It truly feels like the past couple of months were barely here, meaning, I don't get the feeling I experienced enough of September and October. But hey, I'm 100% ready for the holidays regardless. I love Christmas- so much that I'm one to decorate pretty early. Let's be clear, I don't expect anyone else to decorate as early as I do, but I feel (esp as I've gotten a little older) that time goes by so quickly, if I don't decorate early, it doesn't seem I get to enjoy the fun very long. Maybe it's just me... 

So, did you hear about the $199 beer Samuel Adams released? Read about the Utopias. And you can search where to find it locally riiiight here

Maroon 5's new album Red Pill Blues comes out on Friday and the guys have something to say over any confusion about WHY they chose that title and you can enlighten yourself here.

Holy crap- did you see Kelly Clarkson on Fallon singing "Whole Lotta Woman?" GAAAAAH!!!!! 

Taylor Swift fans- she made a video with over 10 minutes of behind-the-scenes from the creation of her latest tune "Gorgeous."