Sam Hill: $450 MIL Painting, John Mayer's Ugly Sweater and Emotional Support Pigs

November 16, 2017

© Arkady Vyrlan | Dreamstime


Did you  hear about Da Vinci's portrait of Christ being sold at auction? You will not BELIEVE how much it sold for!! Well, I'll tell you... $450 MILLION! 

You heard that Denver residents can no longer declaw their cats, right? Yes, the new law passed unanimously. You can read more about the whole thing here. 

There are people who need emotional support animals, but having one that isn't behaving won't keep you on a flight as this women found out. 

John Mayer's sweater game is a winner!! I have never seen anyone look good in an ugly sweater.... until this:

Oh, and here's a link to the full GQ article featuring John.

Have a great day!