Sam Hill: $9,000 Ball of Yarn, Rose and Jack's Dilemma and More!

November 7, 2017

© Andrea Crisante | Dreamstime


Here's some of the topics I touched on today! 

A "tin can" for a grand? A fake paper cup for 95 bucks? A ball of yarn for 9 THOUSAND dollars? All things you can get from Tiffany's Every Objects Collection. Finally, the perfect shopping site for all my stocking stuffer needs! I kid, I kid...

So, the last thing I would do if I had just stolen a VERY expensive car is go to the movies- but this guy thought it was a great plan.

I'm sure you've heard of all the people who have tried to prove that Jack and Rose both could've fit on the piece of debris at the end of Titanic... well, some school girls in Westminster (not Colorado)- came up with a solution I had never head before! 

Today, Katy Perry's new fashion exhibit opened today at the Grammy Museum. Check out the story here!