Sam Hill: Are Santa's Reindeer Are Actually Females, Cow Keeps Escaping Nativity Scene and The Simpsons Predict Another Big Event Accurately!

December 15, 2017

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In case you missed it- Peyton Manning surprised some people at DIA recently and it was awesome!

I'm hearing that a lot of women will be wearing black to the Golden Globe Awards this year as a bold statement against sexual misconduct. You can read more here. 

The Simpson's has done a bang up job of predicting some pretty crazy things over the years... Donald Trump being voted President, 3-eyed fish, The Rolling Stones touring forever... and the latest? They correctly predicted tha Disney would buy 21st Century Fox- nearly 20 years ago! Thank goodness none of their end of the world predictions have come true!

Well, there's a storm on twitter over this woman's tweet about Santa's reindeer. Some people (sadly, mostly men) are being pretty cruel to her about this tweet... she has responded to some of the hate by saying it was a tweet about REINDEER, not feminism... and that people are pretty mean over a joke. I agree. People on social media can really be jerks. I thought her tweet was pretty funny!