Sam Hill: Baby Eviction Notice, Halloween Candy Spending and Puth Nearly Pukes

October 26, 2017

© Chris Dorney | Dreamstime


Currently, I'm standing in the studio and I keep looking out the window, waiting for it to snow. I know it's not going to be significant snowfall, but I still get so excited. At this time, from my vantage point on the 11th floor of our building in the Tech Center, I can see some haze coming in over the city. Yay! Snow!

It's nearly Halloween! There's a new analysis of how much people spend on Halloween candy - well, the state averages anyhow. See where Colorado ranked

Maroon 5 is coming back! The guys have announced a stop at Pepsi Center September 9, 2018. Tickets will be on sale Nov. 4th at 10am through Altitude Tickets. 

I got a huge kick out of the story about the woman the served her unborn baby a legit eviction notice. It actually worked!!! 

This happened a couple weeks ago but if you missed it... it is freakin' hilarious. I can barely watch this type of thing, because if someone else starts gagging, I tend to join right in. Charlie Puth's face is PRICELESS though. 

Ok, now that I've stopped gagging, time to wrap it up! Have a great day- stay safe out there!