Sam Hill: Big Game Thoughts, Doggo Tap House and The Sound Decorator For Your Toilet!

February 5, 2018

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Alright... all the chatter today is, of course, about the Big Game. Being as New England is my LEAST favorite team on the planet, the outcome was more than satisfactory for me. But in all honesty, being a huge fan of the game in general, I just enjoyed seeing a genuinely excellent game. I don't really need to mention my deep thoughts on JT's halftime show, mainly because they echo so many others- I missed that 'wow' factor, the Prince thing felt a little weird and I still can't figure out if that purple lighting over the city was real or CGI. 

I'm pretty shocked that WE didnt' think of this first right here in Colorado. A doggie tap house. My understanding is that it's a legit pub and while you're there, you may fall in love with one of the adoptable doggos living there and take them home. 

Ok- so some dude in Wisconsin did the ole' smash-n-grab at a convenience store and his goal was scoring some Bud Light. Cue the 'dilly dilly' jokes, even from the local police. 

Do bathroom noises make you feel uncomfortable? Well, now you can purchase the "Sound Decorator," a device that helps mask the sounds you make when you're uh, relieving yourself. Let's not get tooooo excited here as this doesn't claim to mask the louder sounds we might make- it's just more for those who feel embarrassed when just peeing.