Sam Hill: Blue Light Calms, Never Too Early For Christmas Decor and More!

November 13, 2017

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Beyonce fans have to be pretty pumped because she took  her family out in public- even the twinsies!! See the cuties here

You've heard of the many theories over the years that different colors can affect your mood, right? Well, turns out that if you're stressed, as in you've just had a blowout argument with your hubby or friend, or you've been stressed out from having to complete a task quicker than normal, you should bathe yourself in blue light. It will help calm you faster, according to research. I think I'm going to advocate for a room here at the station that is just blue light with a comfy chair or two and people can just go calm down when they need it... read more about the study here. 

If you missed Taylor Swift's SNL performance of "Ready For It" here ya go!

There's an 'expert' of etiquette out there that is trying to tell all of us that decorate for Christmas early are making ourselves 'socially undesirable' and that the earliest you should ever set up your tree is December 17th. Um... no. Then again, she is British so maybe they aren't as casual as we Americans are- or maybe they care more! 

Hope you have a lovely week!