Sam Hill: Coldplay/Radiohead, Sam Smith's Latest and My New Hero

October 30, 2017

© Eleni Seitanidou | Dreamstime


So, last week, a Fox News host called Radiohead a 'Poor Man's Coldplay.' Full disclosure, I didn't see the original piece nor did I watch the replay (I tend to avoid Fox News). I read the story, though after seeing the guys in Coldplay responded w/ the following tweet-  who says those guys don't have a sense of humor? Also interesting to note, Coldplay formed after Radiohead... so, just saying. It's apples and oranges to me and pretty much anyone else that has any true ability to hear music. 

Have you heard Sam Smith's latest yet? It's called "Burning" and it'll break your heart. Sam's the best at these break-up tunes. 

This next story brought tears to my eyes. This woman fought so hard and still lost her cancer battle. Please, take a moment and read about Melissa Anne Dabas. 

If  you did listen at all to me today, I'm so sorry that I sounded so stuffy. I seem to be succumbing to a sinus infection. Maybe I'll get lucky and it won't last too long- it's just something we all get used to here in lovely Colorado, where one day is warm and lovely and the next is cold and dreary.