Sam Hill: Denver's Not Too Sinful, A Rude Awakening, A Phone to Break Phone Addiction and More!

November 28, 2017

© Kaspars Grinvalds | Dreamstime


Denver is definitely NOT the most sinful city in the country... at least according to Wallethub- we came in a 32. The study measured things like laziness, greed, vices, etc... bet you can guess who was #1!

According to, the word of the year is 'complicit.' Obviously, brought on by the Ivanka Trump interview where she admitted she didn't understand the meaning of the word. Neither did a lot of others as the web searches for the definition of complicit went up 11,000% after that interview. 

You know when you drift off to sleep accidentally and awake with a start? Normally, that happens to us in the privacy of our own homes, but a lady in Redding, California was startled awake after falling asleep during a symphony performance. A rather sudden change in the music woke her so suddenly, she couldn't help but scream out. And it's hilarious. 

How big is too big when transporting a tree on your car? Well, this clearly fits the bill. 

Guess who got to unveil the new Starbuck's holiday cup? Gwen!!!

Addicted to your phone? I mean... really addicted and you'd like to figure out how to escape? Try THIS! Yeah, it's a fake phone that let's you mimick the motions of swiping and clicking... but nothing, of course, happens.