Sam Hill: Die to Live Forever, Rent the Field of Dreams House and More!

March 15, 2018

Would you be willing to die to live forever? I know, that doesn't necessarily make sense, does it? There's a new tech startup that claims they can perfectly preserve your brain so that in the future, you can be downloaded into a computer or a robot (when and if that tech is avail). But there is a huge catch- you gotta die- on purpose. You'd think no one would want to be involved in this... but you'd be wrong! I'll say it right now- the comments on this story were my favorite part of it. 

How lucky was this woman that her jewelry was recovered from the trash??

A drag queen dressed as Elsa helped push a stuck police van in Boston out of a snowbank. Ironic, dontcha think?

And did you know you can now rent the house featured in Field of Dreams?? 

Imagine getting caught 23 years after you escaped from prison?? Read all about it here.