Sam Hill: Dude Wants to Marry His Laptop, New Indiana Jones and Kelly's Gorgeous New Video

March 20, 2018

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Ok, so I didn't necessarily mention this on the air because I found it so ridiculous- but this guy sued the state of Utah because they wouldn't let him marry his laptop. His whole point was an anti-gay marriage tactic that fell flat. It's apples and oranges no matter how you look at it, but being a homophobic creep isn't going to ever be ok in my book. 


There is going to be another Indiana Jones movie! Harrison Ford will be 77 years old when production starts next year. Please please don't let him get hurt. I mean, I LOVE the series (Raiders is my all time fav movie) but he's been hurt before and it's gotta be getting tougher to heal. What an animla though!!!

Turns out that if you're sitting next to someone on a plane that is sick, your chances of catching their gunk is pretty freakin' high- like 80% (if they are contagious of course). But if you're more than a few rows away, you're chances lessen a TON. Read more here! 

Finally, for me today- I had to share Kelly Clarkson's new vid for her tune "I Don't Think About You." So gorg!!!