Sam Hill: Eat a Cricket for Free Admission, Pony Up Daddy and Some Warm Fuzzies

December 18, 2017

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Ed Sheeran wrote a Bond theme? Yes, that's what I'm hearing... but the funny part is, nobody asked him to do it! He wrote it "just in case!" Read all about it in the interview where Ed spilled.

It's a game kids and parents have played for ages- riding on daddy or mommy's back (like a horse). Well, now there's a product to go along with it... a saddle so kiddos have somewhere else to hang on besides the back of pop's shirt. And they decided to call it the "Pony Up Daddy"- of course they did. 

The Wild Adventure Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia is letting people in for free... if they eat a roasted cricket! 

If you want a nice, warm and fuzzy story to help you smile today- check this one out! 

Could Justin Timberlake be getting ready to release a new album? He's filed for trademarks of two different "titles" that fans are hoping belong to a new tune and a new album. 

Have you ever seen that insurance commercial where the moose gets caught in the swingset? Well, that very thing happened just a few days ago!!

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