Sam Hill: Eat Your Leftovers, Trebek Ate WHAT and Nala Has Been Named!

November 2, 2017

Hey there guys, 

So.. if you're a leftovers kinda person, we have something in common! I love eating leftovers but evidently, a new study shows that Americans are wasting a LOT of food (27 million tons every year!) simply because a lot of us have stopped eating leftovers. Denver residents were included in the study and you can read all about it here. 

Those crazy kids over at Amazon have already opened up their Black Friday Store... not even kidding! It happened yesterday- the same day they unveiled their new AR View so you can now see how items you may buy will look inside your home. 

That moment you learn that one time Alex Trebek apparently a bunch of pot brownies. Lesson learned, it would seem! 

The stars of the new live action Lion King have been released and here they are:

One last thought today- I'm feeling devastated after what happened last night at that Walmart in Thornton. Gun violence has always been so scary to me but these random killings by our fellow countrymen, with no clear motive, no apparent reason, no logic- it's hard to swallow. For me, this isn't all about the gun debate (which I'm admittedly confused over opinions from both sides of the argument), it's about the need to pay attention to why this keeps happening and what we can do to stop it. Don't let the frequency of what happens soften your outrage to it. I don't become desensitized to shootings, but I know a lot of people that have... instead of thinking "oh, that's terrible" they now say "at least there weren't more victims." Tell that to the wife, husband, brother, mother, child and friends of the victims of these senseless crimes. Every innocent life taken deserves our outrage, our sympathy and our willingness to at least discuss the issue. Sigh.