Sam Hill: Facebook Has a Snooze Button, The Straight Arm Challenge and The Most Annoying Words of the Year!

December 19, 2017

ID 34236766 Elena Elisseeva | Dreamstime


People call 911 for really inappropriate things these days... if the pizza man forgot your extra parmesan, deal with it- you don't need to waste the time of police officers. But this kiddo in Mississippi called for a pretty understandable reason!

A family in Georgia recently discovered their cat that had disappeared on the 4th of July was still alive and you won't believe where she ended up.

Drum roll, please... and the most annoying words of the year are???? 

Facebook has given us yet another way to be super passive-aggressive in our social media use. A snooze button. 

Have you heard the latest craze sweeping social media? It's the straight arm challenge- basically, you try and drink something without bending your arm... yeah. This is a thing. If you do a basic youtube search, you'll find plenty of these videos to waste a good portion of your day (I just chose one at random below). You're... welcome?