Sam Hill: Finally, a Good Reason To NOT Make Your Bed

March 5, 2018

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The legos of the future will be made of a sustainable plastic! But I bet it will still hurt like hell when you step on 'em. 

If you're a fan of Floyd Mayweather and video games- well, he says he's working on his own boxing game. 

Turns out there's a scientific reason you shouldn't make your bed! Finally, something to back up my theory of why mess it up when I'm just going to get right back in later?

The Oscars celebrate the best of the best but don't forget, The Razzies were handed out over the weekend as well! The Emoji Movie scored 4 out of the 10 total Razzies. You can see the full list right here!

One of the latest reboots will be a new version of "The Six Million Dollar Man." Mark Wahlberg will star in "The Six BILLION Dollar Man." Don't hold your breath though- it's not out until next May. 

Have a great Monday!