Sam Hill: Get Revenge on the Robo-Callers, Nude Dining and More!

November 6, 2017

© Iqoncept | Dreamstime


So there's a dude that got so sick of robo-callers, he created a program that could help him get sweet sweet revenge... and you can use it, too! Don't think I haven't already signed up for my free trial. 

You think a nude restaurant is a good idea? Um... well.... how do I say this? NO. But there's now one in France.

Would you ever paint your house 100 different colors? That would def NOT fly with my HOA- but this guy in Peoria, Arizona evidently doesn't have to abide by such strict rules. 

Oops- the people at this church changed the sign after being told it may have a different meaning than they originally thought. 

The Chainsmoker's played a little game of "Would You Rather?" for British GQ. 

If you listened to any part of my show today, I hope my lack of desire to entertain wasn't too obvious. My heart just isnt' into any of this today- it's breaking yet again for the victims of the shooting in Texas. I am not eloquent when trying to express myself when these horrible things happen. I have a hard enough time keeping back tears and yet I feel so much anger towards those who harm innocents.  I feel powerless- unable to make anything better and those that do have some power refuse to face the problem.