Sam Hill: Girl Scout Cookies Are Back and The Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka on Earth is Stolen!

January 4, 2018

Robhainer |


They're baaaaaaack!!

No, I'm not talking about anything scary... unless you can't control yourself and go full cookie monster on those thin mints. Yep, Girl Scout Cookies are back today. Purchase wisely. 

Here is Bruce Wayne- yes, his actual name... and his superhero power or mission is to continue to eat Chipotle every single day. He holds the record for consecutive days of consuming Chipotle and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

I read this crazy story about a woman who thought she had Crohn's but it turns out she had bits of a ketchup packet stuck in her intestines! WHAAAAA?

Imagine owning a bottle of vodka work 1.3 million dollars! Then imagine it gets stolen... and even worse- it's not insured! It happened- in Denmark, so don't worry, I'm not pointing any fingers at you. ;) Wouldn't it be just awesome if the thief was an idiot and made vodka sodas and then recycled the bottle? Bahahahaha!

And yes.. if you heard we're getting new Justin Timberlake music tomorrow, you heard right!!! I can't wait!