Sam Hill: Good Samaritans, The Human Suction Cup and Thong Jeans!

October 23, 2017

© Vasilis Ververidis | Dreamstime



Gotta say, I was hoping to see a little more action from our boys yesterday on the field, but dayum, that was a disappointing show, wasn't it?

I briefly mentioned a huge auction of celebrity-owned items and hollywood memorabilia... here's the link to the catalogue

I do love me some good samaritan stories and THIS one just warmed my heart today

Ever hear of this guy? I'm surprised I hadn't until today 'cause evidently he's been around. He's got some good suction skills! 

John Stamos is off the market again- he just got engaged to his girlfriend Caitlin McHugh. Look at this sweet Twitter post he shared with his fans. 

I loved Magnum PI when I was a kid and it looks like the series is going to get a reboot. Wonder who they'll get to play Magnum? Hard to step into those shoes, in my opinion. Read more here. 

And lastly today- which of my friends will be the first to rock thong jeans! Yep, this is a thing now. Ok, so it's runway so I doubt these will be hanging on the rack at your local Smarget anytime... ever. 

Have an awesome week!