Sam Hill: Hospital Gowns That Actually Cover Your Butt, Are Scrunchies Back and Charlie Puth's New Tune w/ Boyz II Men!

January 5, 2018

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Happy Friday!

Of course I'm looking foward to the weekend, but I'm not particularly thrilled to do the big task at hand... taking down the Christmas decorations. It's a big job, but hey, I'll feel good when it's all finally packed away for next holiday. Wish me luck!

Tonight I'm going to the Clueroom with some friends- I've always wanted to do one!! I'll have to let you guys know next week if we were able to solve the mystery before the time was up. Wish us luck! 

Have you worn a hospital gown lately? I had double knee surgery a few weeks ago and was reminded once again how unpleasant they can be, unless you enjoy parading around with your ass hanging out, which I don't... usually. 

Anyhow, there's a company that's come up with a new design that  just might keep you covered a little better!

Check out this creative dude, using a TV box as a snowplow!

Bieber will have an exhibit of some of his stuff in a museum in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario... but it's only through next month, I believe, so plan your pilgrimage now. 

If you were hoping that new GOT episodes would be out sometime this year... sorry to tell you that HBO has confirmed the last season won't air until 2019. UGH!

I heard that scrunchies are making a comeback. FINALLY- a nearly forgotten trend from the 80s that is worth bringing back. 

Charlie Puth has pushed back the release of his latest album yet again- he has shared on social that he wants the album to be PERFECT... but he did give a little present to us anyhow in the form of a collab with Boyz II Men! Yes, that happened! Hear it...

Have a wonderful weekend!