Sam Hill: HUGE Hornets Nest, Beardaments and The Best Black Friday Story!

November 27, 2017

© Lenalir | Dreamstime


I'm not generally one to venture out on Black Friday and apparently, I'm not alone. A lot, I mean a LOT of people shopped online for Black Friday- proof is in the record online spending- up over 17% from last year!

George H.W. Bush has become the longest-living president in the history of the U.S. As of today, he's 93 years and 168 days old!

Holy wow- did you see the size of this hornets nest? UGH!!!! The buzzing alone gives me the straight up heebie jeebies! 

How about Charlie K? Never heard of him? Well, I hadn't either until he decided to spend a ton of money on toys for, get this, other people's kiddos! What a guy! 

If you've ever eating food after watching a house-fly land on it, you may want to read this article- warning, it's super gross. 

One couple in Arkansas loves Olive Garden so so much, they are naming their daughter Olivia (Garton is their last name!)... so yeah, Olivia Garton. 

For those of you with a bearded gentleman in  your life, you may want to consider beardaments for a gift! Check 'em out!

Happy Cyber Monday shopping!!