Sam Hill: ICYMI- Branson in Space, Carly's Milestone, The Hug Record and I Miss My Earrings...

October 10, 2017



Hey friends, 

Doesn't it blow your mind that the notion of regular ol' people (well, RICH people, that is- at least for the time being) could be only months away from space travel? Richard Branson has said within the next 6 months, he plans to make his first trip to space and evidently, more civilians could follow... much sooner than you think!! Read the story HERE

I LOVE George Michael and was so brokenhearted when he died last year. Evidently, he was busy working on a very in-depth look at his life at the time he passed. George Michael: Freedom will finally be released in the states at the tail end of the month. It follows him through the last 5 years of his life. Read more HERE. I'm looking very forward to seeing this deep dive into George's life. 

Jason Ritter has broken the Guiness Book of World Records in the hug department. The rules? Hug as many people as possible in 1 minute. Did he do it??? Click HERE

Few things warm my heart more than generousity- and Michael Jordan just gave the biggest philanthropic gift ever given by a former NBA superstar. Read about it HERE

I know that Slacker and Steve are going to chat about things that you've lost but have never forgotten today and I didn't have time to share my story about that so indulge me for a moment. When I was 19, my bestie and I took a roadtrip to Canada. One evening when we were getting settled in our divey hotel room, I had taken off my favorite pair of silver earrings. I tossed them on the bedside table and they slid right across and behind it against the wall. Without hesitation, I pulled the table out, only to discover my earrings were nowhere to be seen. My girlfriend Jill and I pulled that room apart- even making sure there wasn't a hole or tiny slit in wall at the baseboard. The earrings never did turn up. I need to make something perfectly clear... we were completely sober and we tore that room to shreds looking and BOTH were just gone- they were not tiny, either- they were substantial. I still miss those things. Sigh.

Congrats to Carly Rae Jepson for scoring over a billion views on this one:


Can't wait to share pics and vid from our Script lounge today at Live @ Jack's downtown. Those guys are so much fun!