Sam Hill: ICYMI- Kitten Yoga, Sparkly Videos and Fatbergs, Oh My!

September 27, 2017

Today was fun, guys! There was so much weird stuff to talk about... for example: 

Want to add glitter to your videos? Well, kirakira does it- Being a fan of a little extra sparkle now and then, I totally would have tried it out for you but I'm more of a free app girl and kirakira costs 99 cents. I guess I'm feeling cheap today- haha. If you want to read up on the app (you could just go to your app store and grab it, too)- click HERE

Whenever I do yoga at home, my fat cat Vinny is always headbutting me while I'm going through my poses and today I learned... Kitten Yoga is real people! I was just reading about a studio in Canada that has a class where kittens roam around during the poses... now, I'm SURE something like this exists right here in Colorado- now I just have to find it! 

Last week I read a story about a 'fatberg' in the UK somewhere- London, I believe. I didn't talk about it though because, well, it was kinda gross. But now it turns out we have one on our own soil- Baltimore to be exact. What is a 'fatberg?' I'm sure you can figure it out just by the name, but basically it's a large amount of fat, grease, wetwipes and other junk that congeals together and clogs sewers. Ugh- just writing these words is making me a bit nauseous. If you want to gross yourself out even more- link to the story HERE

Here's a little behind the scenes look from the vid shoot for "Look What You Made Me Do." 

Thanks for checkin' out the recap- enjoy the rest of your day!