Sam Hill: ICYMI- Is Maple the new Pumpkin? Also, Taylor as a Limp Bizkit Tune? Yeah- it's weird.

September 25, 2017

Happy Monday Alice friends- it's freakin' cold outside, but I'm diggin' it. Pulled on a fall staple outfit today- leggin's, boots... you know, pretty much the fall uniform for us Colorado girls. Feels good!

Speaking of fall- could it be that maple might replace pumpkin as fall's favorite flavor?? The people at Marketwatch thing so- read more HERE

Today on the show I mentioned a really really weird, slightly disturbing but perhaps in a good way, video that turns Taylor Swift into Limp Bizkit. Check it out: 

Here's the clip of Justin covering Sam Cooke. Sorry for potato quality! 

This lil' short actually came out several months ago when the All American Rejects released the single "Sweat"- I don't think I ever really mentioned it until today though. It's racy, guys, so beware, but it's very artistic and I couldn't help but be impressed with Tyson Ritter's performance.