Sam Hill: ICYMI- Meghan Trainor's New Gig, Twitter's Happiness Level and More!

October 4, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends. It's National Taco Day! If only I could enjoy a soft flour tortilla or even a crispy corn one... but long story short, the AIP thing doesn't allow for those things. Maybe I'll whip some naked tacos up for the fam later tonight because you can't NOT celebrate National Taco Day. 

Today on the show I chatted about Meghan Trainor's new undertaking... producing and writing music for a new show that will air on ABC! HERE's the story.

I mentioned the Hedonometer- it measures the average happiness level on twitter from day to day. It's not shocking that Monday was the lowest rated day in the history of the meter's data analysis. You can see this thing in action HERE. And if you want to follow me on Twitter- you can! I'm @sammyhill. 

Mochi has the longest dog tongue in the world- watch!

Later this month, rock and pop stars will join together for a massive tribute to the late Chester Bennington. This is one I wish I could see in person. See the full story HERE

And finally, just something funny I stumbled across on Twitter. I got a giggle (despite still being royally pissed about this data breach).