Sam Hill: ICYMI- Parrot Orders from Alexa, The End of the World and more!

September 22, 2017

Hey Alice friends!

First up, Happy First Day of Fall! It finally feels like it now, doesn't it?

Every day during my show, I post one blog that has links to a bunch of the stuff I chatted about while on the air (Sometimes I add to it as I go along)! Here's today's list of fun stuff- not as fun as yesterday because let's face it, revealing I had a sister I never knew I had was pretty much the highlight of the week.

Yes, there is a guy that looks a LOT like Ryan Seacrest- but unlike Ryan, this dude's a criminal. Read the TMZ story HERE

The girl that I talked about today that will be throwing out the first pitch in Game 4 of the World Series this year is named Hailey Dawson- my new hero!!! Read all about Hailey HERE

Buddy the parrot orders from Alexa and it's hilarious! Read about it HERE

As far as James Bay's Topman Clothing Line- you can check that out HERE

Janelle Monae is one of the ambassadors for the Save the Elephants Fund and is featured in a new campaign that highlights a collection at Tiffany and Co. The story is HERE. You can see the line HERE

Macklemore's new tune features Kesha!! Watch it!

And finally, the guy that is predicting the end of the world is tomorrow (Sept. 23) has clarified his words HERE. Don't even get me going on how much I dislike these types of people. I grew up in a VERY religious family and am very familiar with the book of Revelation and the prophecies that come from it. However, it feels like these guys are in it to sell their own personal theories and their books to simply make money. If there's a less selfish motive here, I'm just not seeing it. I refuse to live in fear over the end of the world and I would hope you would as well. 

Happy Orange Friday and GOOOO Broncos!


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