Sam Hill: I'm Back, Krispy Kreme Flavored WHAT, Doggo Ate How Many Pacifiers and More!

December 11, 2017

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Hey guys!

I'm so happy to be back in the studio today. I had surgery on both of my knees last Monday and the recovery was a little more challenging than I expected so I was out the remainder of the week. I'm still hobbling around and will be for a few more weeks, but I'm on the road to being fully healed. Some of you wondered if it was knee replacement- and thank goodness, it wasn't. It's kind of tough to explain, but I had these strange cyst-like things on my kneecaps- they aren't cancerous, but they've grown over the years and though they were ugly, they really didn't bother me until a few years ago when they began to be painful. So, it was a planned procedure, nothing emergency. Thank you for all the kind words on social and all the love. 

Alrighty, who's up for Krispy Kreme flavored beer?? Yeah, that's a thing. 

Did you hear about the dog that ate 21 pacifiers?? And he lived! 

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Have a great rest of your Monday!