Sam Hill: John Legend's New Role, Birds are Awesome and Kelly Rocks The Voice

December 20, 2017

ID 99631994 Elena Sanchez | Dreamstime


Happy Wednesday!! 

Did you miss Kelly's performance of "Medicine" on The Voice- WOWZA.

NBC is making a live TV adaptation of the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" and it's just been announced that John Legend is joining the cast- he will play Jesus.

This cockatiel gets sad everytime his owner leaves the house- and expresses it with a near-perfect imitation of a ringtone! Awwwwwwww!

And because I fell right down the rabbit hole for bird videos (that's a first) here are a couple more I found. Birds are so freakin' cool. 

Here's one of a bird singing the Adam's Family theme song and the Darth Vader theme song- haha!

Lastly today- have you ever accidentally texted the wrong person? One woman thought she was sending a text to a friend to tell her about her engaement and accidently texted Sarah Michelle Gellar instead. Sarah wasted no time in wishing the new bride-to-be well. I always knew Buffy was the coolest.